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Molecular Allergology
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Molecular Allergology
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Head: Katja Bärenfaller
Degree: PD, Ph.D.

Phone:+41 (0) 81 410 08 49
E-mail: katja.baerenfaller(a)siaf.uzh.ch

Group members:
  1. Anja Heider
  2. Sebastian Petersen
  3. Patrick Westermann

Molecular Allergology


Molecular Allergology

Allergies are caused by a hypersensitivity of the immune system against allergens, for example pollen or certain food, which cause little or no problem in non-allergic individuals. The molecular basis of why some individuals are hypersensitive to certain allergens while others are tolerant and why some patients respond well to immunotherapy treatments while for others the treatment is ineffective, are so far not sufficiently understood. Through the application of proteomics, peptidomics and immunopeptidomics approaches we aim to get a better understanding of the molecular mechanisms in allergy, allergen presentation, allergen-based immunotherapy, tolerance and tolerance breakage. We envisage to acquire large-scale molecular data and to analyze them with the objective to identify molecular markers for disease endotyping and to classify individuals based on their molecular profiles. With this we aim at establishing the molecular basis for patient-specific immunotherapies and treatment approaches.



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