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Biomedical Data Mining

BME 351 Blockkurs FS 2020

Credits: 6 ECTS; maximum number of participants: 10;
FS 2010; Block: 01.6. – 19.6.2020


D Dr. Katja Baerenfaller http://www.siaf.uzh.ch/molecular_allergology_katja.html
Dr. Milena Sokolowska http://www.siaf.uzh.ch/immune_metabolism.html

The learning target of this block course is to enable students to mine large and complex biomedical datasets with the aim to identify biologically relevant information. The first two weeks of the course will take place in the Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) in the Medical Campus in Davos Wolfgang. During that time, the students will work on real experimental data of current research projects in the laboratory. They will get lectures on Transcriptomics, Proteomics and FACS sorting that are used in the laboratory to generate biomedical datasets, and they will get introductions into the use of literature information, different databases and a variety of analysis tools. The third week of the course will consist of writing the report off-campus.

Costs: Transport costs and costs for overnight stays and meals for the first two weeks of the course; part of it will be subsidized depending on the number of participants. For accommodation we will either reserve a single room in the guest house of HGK (CHF 99.00/night inclusive breakfast), or students can book other options by themselves. Please indicate in the registration, which option you prefer.

Prerequisites: The course is open for Master or advanced Bachelor students of Biomedicine and Biology (basic studies in Biology or Biomedicine must be completed).

Registration: by Email to katja.baerenfaller@siaf.uzh.ch, until March 1st, 2020.